Interested in our Cartons?

Cartons packaging characteristics

Cartons are most suitable when you are looking for :

    • Complicated shapes & designs
    • Protective Packaging
    • Automated packaging
    • Low Migration and Low Odour packaging
    • Use of renewable sustainable and recyclable FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) approved packaging materials
    • All kind of shapes and sizes soft or rigid window – patched boxes
    • Functional boxes (easy – opening, reclosable, display and storage etc)
    • Promotional Cartons (information flyers, holders, inserts)
    • Reverse Printing Coding Applications (Loyalty and Game programs etc)
    • Multipack applications
    • Food Direct Contact Materials
    • High Added Value creative packs playing on matt and glossy varnished, embossing, Braille, reverse printing etc